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Dear visitors,
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About the project...

Dear friends,
It was in October 2002 when the local Czech community met on board of legendary Queen Mary, harboured in Long Beach, Los Angeles. The people got together to see and admire Jarek Setlik´s photographs and celebrate the Day of Czech Independence. That night sparked an idea to carry on meeting among pictures taken by amateur photographers, pictures contrasting with modern technology-dominated culture, simple yet catchy pictures seizing the magic of the moment. Eventually a family of photographers and other people centred around the idea was born. There have been several events and exhibitions and their popularity resulted in creating www.picturesfromtravels.com.
Our aim is to encourage people who love travelling, taking pictures, adventures and having a good time to share their experiences. Pictures from Travels are not only an internet gallery but a club organising exhibitions, social events and friendly get-togethers accompanied by wine tasting wine and live music. I also believe that this website will appeal to anybody who appreciates nice amateur digital photographs.
Welcome to the family of travellers-photographers, whose hobby might equal the lifestyle.
Dušan Procházka
Producer and amateur photographer
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